Many books and opinions on this topic and some very good answers already. Here is my basic advice:

  1. Read some book on sales and sales techniques. Less than 1 in 20 sales people do, and you will learn and improve skills.
  2. Always listen first. Nobody wants to be sold to or at. Learn what is important to your prospect and what they are trying to solve and then help them solve it.
  3. Follow-up. Not just once or twice but until you succeed. Persistence is a common attribute of all successful salespeople.
  4. Knowledge. Know your product, know its features, know its benefits, know its advantages over not just competitive offerings but over how your customers do it now. Be an expert and add value.
  5. Be yourself and be honest. People see through false exteriors and know when you lie and will not trust you. Trust and comfort are critical. If you do not know the answer just say so, and then find the answer.

Randy Hujar, E-Commerce, B2B & Retail Sales & Marketing Expert