First, let me define “organic sales.” Organic sales are generally defined as those created from within the Amazon platform and do not originate from any outside activity. You can also include sales from word-of-mouth of people that tells others of their discovery on Amazon.

So to drive sales within Amazon, you need to:

  1. SEO. Optimize your listing for effective search engine results. This is best accomplished when setting up a new product by placing keywords in your product title and the search term area under the “Keywords” tab. There are many good resources to help identify the best keywords for your product including Google AdWords Keyword Tool, Google Analytics, or In general, if it works for google searches it works for Amazon searches.
  2. Ads. Use Amazon ads through the campaign manager to place ads for your product based on visitors searches. This should compliment your SEO optimization and not overlap.
  3. Use Amazon marketing tools like lightning deals, discounts, giveaways, etc. to help drive demand and sales.
  4. If you qualify, work with your Amazon Rep in Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) to take advantage of other Pay Per Click,  featured product sections, and other tools to drive awareness and sales.

My advice is to never rely on organic sales for your success. I have found that this only works if your product is a cheaper version of a well known and high-sales product in which you can effectively hijack an established company’s marketing efforts and get prospects to buy your product instead. To truly have effective Amazon sales you need to get your sales volume up, so your product appears on the initial screen of a prospects search. To do this, you will need to drive these sales through direct demand generation efforts and drive business to Amazon to realize the sale. Once your product has achieved sales momentum and volume the organic sales will begin to take over.

-Randy Hujar