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10 Things Your Customers Wish You Knew About Them

An excellent Infographic (see below) put together by Help Scout (,  summarizes beautifully the central concepts behind customer-centric selling and how it applies not only to direct B2B selling but to e-commerce and mobile applications sales as well.  In particular, PERSONALIZATION, while the example in this infographic is weak (bringing a second set of mints to a dining customer) the point is critical.  A better example would have been saying that if your waiter addresses you by name would have a significantly bigger impact.  Or, putting the name of the customer in chocolate sauce on their dessert.  The importance of remembering and using a customer’s name is brought out in point three.  In selling direct or online anytime you customize and personalize a presentation or information will make it much more valuable and memorable.  Further, it differentiates you and your company from the competition.

The rest of the points are right-on as well and worth reviewing and internalizing for anyone selling.

Building a SaaS Channel

Randy Hujar on Building a SaaS Reseller Channel for SaaS University Boston

Click on the link above for presentation PDF.  This is a very content packed 53-slide presentation created for people attending Softletter’s SaaS University.

View Video of Presentation


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