The following are products released at Enteractive while I was VP of Marketing.  Most were inherited from development works in process that were too late to cancel, and so I performed the best marketing efforts possible to create as much demand as possible.   Products like Richie Sambora’s Interactive Guitar, Enchanted Tarot, and Reel Women with Jody Foster were all masterpieces of execution by the crew at Sonic Studios (subsidiary of Enteractive in Washington D.C.); however, the target audience for these titles were just not large enough to justify their cost of production which all were in the area of one million dollars.  All of these products won awards for execution and quality of content; however, like the movies, winning awards for quality does not make for blockbuster sales.  The core of the software entertainment market was and still is boys (and men who are still behaving as boys) 12-35 years of age.  With the exception of the Sacred Mirror of Kofun (a cooperative effort with Future Concepts of France and Jean-Michel Cousteau) which targeted this audience, the rest of the products produced by Sonic Studios were aimed at niche audiences.

The company was guilty of the classic development mistake of developing products you and your friends like versus products for a known audience that is large enough to make an effort profitable.  On a personal note, the efforts to market these products were as much as fun as anyone could have in the industry.  For example, we launched Richie Sambora’s Interactive Guitar product in Los Angeles at the Billboard club where we had Richie Sambora himself, Bon Jovi, Skunk Baxter and other rock and roll greats playing on stage.   The attendees included Richie’s wife (at the time) Heather Locklear, Wilt Chamberlain, and other Hollywood stars at a launch party to end all launch parties.  The TV and magazine news crews ate this up, and we had more free press than I have seen in my career.  We even did the first live Internet interview with Richie Sambora before the party to set some Internet marketing history which was attended by thousands from around the world.  A remarkable and memorable event.

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun

The Sacred Mirror of Kofun

Filmed in Micronesia by diving legend Jean-Michel Cousteau, THE SACRED MIRROR OF KOFUN is the first mystery adventure game set in a real underwater world. This first-person interactive adventure immerses players in the beauty of distant Pacific reefs and the mystery of legendary tropical islands. The spectacular photography, thrilling video, and unique graphics make it the first of its kind. With thousands of realistic 3D settings and fully-explorable surroundings, THE SACRED MIRROR OF KOFUN offers intense gameplay in a storyline of epic proportions.

You, the player, are cast as Chris Young, a high-tech fanatic with a fascination for cultural myth and legend. A former ace pilot in the Gulf War and semi-pro race car driver, Young is now a self-employed contractor specializing in marine high-technologies. With an insatiable appetite for adventure, Young is a risk taker with a fearless attitude.

THE SACRED MIRROR OF KOFUN incorporates realistic, richly detailed environments aboard ship, under the oceans, and on lush tropical islands. The adventure begins on Jean-Michel Cousteau’s high-tech ship Antares, equipped with futuristic navigational and diving technology including wet-subs, satellite link-ups, and powerful computers with human-like features. The adventure moves from there to the wrecks and reefs of the West Pacific and the mysterious islands of the Palau Archipelago.

Marketing The Sacred of Mirror of Kofun

The Making of The Sacred Mirror of Kofun


Richie Sambora’s Interactive Guitar

Learn to play rock guitar like Richie Sambora – lead guitarist of the internationally popular rock band, Bon Jovi, which has sold over 75 million albums worldwide.

Join Richie as he teaches different riffs and techniques – then use what you learned to play lead with the band.  You’ll also get to know the rock star as he shares his photo collection, popular music videos, personal interviews, and more.

RICHIE SAMBORA: INTERACTIVE GUITAR is a comprehensive instructional guide that turns rock guitar lessons into a musical multimedia adventure.

Clip of Richie Sambora Interview:

Key Features:

  • Jam along with new and classic tracks from Richie and Bon Jovi
  • Musician’s tools include tuner, scale charts, chord dictionary, and over 40 rock guitar techniques all presented with interactive multimedia
  • Includes music videos from Bon Jovi’s These Days and Richie’s solo album Stranger In This Town
    Stranger In This Town plays on your audio CD at full fidelity
  • Multimedia approach allows beginning and advanced guitarists to learn at their own pace
  • Intuitive and user-friendly navigation help the musician easily use the disc while playing the guitar


The Enchanted Tarot

Featuring the incredible artwork of Amy Zerner and the unique Tarot reading style of Monte Farber, The Enchanted Tarot is a unique new age product for an ancient system of self-awareness and interpretation of current and future events.   The book by the same title has sold nearly one million copies of this personal oracle system throughout the world.

The Enchanted Tarot is today’s most feature-rich, accurate, and beautiful card reading system.  Providing inspiring answers to burning questions about love, money, work, or absolutely anything!

Larger View of Box Cover:  Enchanted Tarot Full Front Cover  The image does not do justice to the true beauty of this box which used metallic inks and vibrant high definition priniting.


  • More than 60 minutes of original music and 140 minutes of audio narration capture the essence of each card, creating a relaxing mood for each reading.
  • Print beautiful copies of customized readings as keepsakes for yourself or your friends.


Reel Women – The Untold Story

“REEL WOMEN: The Untold Story is a most impressive CD-ROM… it tells the story of the influence of women filmmakers from the silent era through recent times.” -The American Film Institute

Journey with actress-director-producer Jodie Foster through one hundred years of dynamic filmmaking!
From Hollywood box-office hits to provocative independent films, REEL WOMEN reveals an untold and long-overdue story about the women behind the camera.

Be inspired by their triumphs! Watch exclusive interviews, rare movie clips, and mini-documentaries. Search the database for biographies, definitions, and movie titles. Who really named the “Oscar”? Play Quick Takes, the trivia game full of fun puzzlers. Whether you’re a casual movie-goer or a film buff, you’ll see the movies differently.


  • Rare movie clips and photographs
  • Exclusive interviews with contemporary filmmakers
  • Over 2,000 Hollywood, independent, and international films referenced
  • Original documentaries
  • Entertaining trivia game with surprising facts for individual or group play
  • Useful hyperlinked database with extensive cross-referencing


Cities Under The Sea by Jean-Michel Cousteau

Jean-Michel Cousteau introduces you to the beautiful, fascinating animals and plants whose lives are connected in a web of intriguing stories.

Just like a city, a coral reef is home to gardeners tending their plants, recyclers cleaning up the community, and partners relying on each other.  You’ll see and hear how the reef ecosystem has evolved into a super-efficient community.

A high-tech virtual submarine transports you to seven undersea laboratories, each focused on an ecological theme: Living Communities, Change and Evolution, Connections, Energy Flows, Biodiversity, Cycles, and Adaptations.

In each Lab, you’ll choose among topics filled with rich narrated video, stunning photographs, and beautiful graphics that reveal the delicacy, splendor, and rigors of life on the coral reef.

Jean-Michel Cousteau and his team of explorers and photographers have packed each underwater Lab with all original material created just for this disc.  Meticulously researched with the help of leading marine biologists, CITIES UNDER THE SEA is scientifically presented, and highly interactive.

Cities Under The Sea screens