LYRIQ International Corporation was founded in 1991 with the goal of developing recreation and edutainment software for home and school markets. LYRIQ is dedicated to creating and bringing to market original, family-oriented titles that have classic appeal; foster learning with a sense of exploration and fun; are mentally stimulating and challenging, have brand recognition or endorsement, and offer characteristics not found in other consumer software.

LYRIQ shipped its first product, LYRIQ Crosswords, the Player’s Choice, in late 1992. Since the original DOS version, the company has brought to market additional versions for Macintosh computers, for the Microsoft Windows platform, and pen and handwriting recognition systems. The company is poised, through LYRIQ Crosswords sales success and various licensing agreements with leading software companies, to become the standard for electronic crosswords.

LYRIQ’s product line also includes Discovering Endangered Wildlife, which is endorsed by the National Wildlife Federation, and the highly acclaimed Picture Perfect Golf, the first virtual, desktop PC game that allows golfers to play their favorite courses using real photography. LYRIQ is also the developer of the Princeton Review Computer Diagnostics Exams and Inside the SAT, which have earned positions in the top 10 best-selling educational software products in 1994.

While LYRIQ products take full advantage of today’s PC technologies, the company is looking forward to providing software for powerful, virtual reality and cable platforms and systems. LYRIQ plans to deliver educational and entertainment products that incorporate 3-D interactive animation and multi-user functionality.

The company distributes its family recreation and edutainment titles in the United States and Canada through Ingram Micro, Tech Data, ABCO Distributors, American Hardware and Software Distributors, Josha Distributors, Merisel/Canada, and Baker&Taylor.  Major resellers of LYRIQ’s products include Best Buy, CompUSA, Electronics Boutique, Best Buy, Software Etc., Wal*Mart, and Nobody Beats The Wiz.

In the future, LYRIQ plans to leverage its marketing and distribution strength by selectively offering affiliated label products that compliment LYRIQ’s product offerings.

Based in Cheshire, Conn., LYRIQ International Corporation is a privately funded and held company and employs 14 people (4 part-time).


Company History

In 1991, LYRIQ International began with two operating groups: The Software Development and Publishing Group, which is described above, and The LYRIQ Group. The LYRIQ Group, which ceased active operation in December 1993, is an affiliated organization that performs marketing consulting, market research, and supplied marketing services to companies in the computer industry. Clients of the LYRIQ Group included; IBM, DataEase International, Digital Equipment Corporation, WordStar International, Lotus Development Corporation, and others.

The combination of the founder’s capital investments and LYRIQ Group profits funded LYRIQ’s initial software development efforts and operations through mid-1993. These consulting funds also launched LYRIQ’s first software release: Lyriq Crosswords – The Player’s Choice.

Company Milestones:

6/92 Began development of LYRIQ Crosswords.
12/92 Shipped LYRIQ Crosswords for DOS.
3/93 Began developing The Princeton Review Diagnostic Exams for SAT, GRE, LSAT and GMAT test-takers.
4/93 Shipped LYRIQ Crosswords for Windows.
10/93 Shipped LYRIQ Crosswords for Mac.

LYRIQ Crosswords is top-rated product per GAMES magazine.

11/93 Signed agreement with Random House Corporation for development and distribution of LYRIQ Crosswords through their channels.
12/93 LYRIQ Crosswords receives critical acclaim from PC Magazine-

“The most thoughtfully designed crosswords software”...

LYRIQ Crosswords is seventh on Merisel’s December 1993 Hot List for Home Education and Recreation products.

Agreement with Japan Entry for Distribution into Japan for LYRIQ Crosswords.

Product distribution widens in both Canada and U.S. through Tech Data, ABCO and Merisel/Canada.

LYRIQ Crosswords nominated for 1994 Software Publishers Association CODIES Award for Software Excellence in Consumer Software category.

3/94 Shipped Princeton Review Series for Mac and Windows.
6/94 Announced Picture Perfect Golf and Discovering Endangered Wildlife CD’s

Distribution channels broaden to include Ingram Micro and Baker& Taylor.

9/94 Shipped Picture Perfect Golf to the delight of winter golfers.
1/95 Shipped Discovering Endangered Wildlife to the delight of children in the U.S. and Canada.
3/95 Picture Perfect Golf received perfect 5 Star rating from ComputerLife Magazine.

Discovering Endangered Wildlife receives A rating from Electronic Games Magazine.