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Contact: Mandy Fogle, LYRIQ International Corporation
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Free Crossword Software To First 10,000 Who Take The Challenge

CHESHIRE, Conn. — The world’s top-rated crossword puzzle software is now available free to the first 10,000 callers to take the company’s challenge.

LYRIQ International, a Connecticut software company, and CROSSW RD Magazine have combined to offer a sample packet of more than 20 challenging computerized puzzles by top constructors as Rich Silvestri, Fred Piscop, Eric Albert and Mel Rosen.

LYRIQ has found that once puzzle players try computerized versions of these mind-teasers, they like them better than traditional, paper-and-pencil-based games. In a recent survey, players unanimously voted in favor of the computerized games. They said that electronic crosswords added a new, interactive dimension to the game as well as instant feedback on how well they as players were doing.

“Everyone who has tried LYRIQ puzzles on the computer has fallen in love with them,” said LYRIQ President Randy Hujar. “Computerized puzzles allow you to do everything you can do in your daily newspaper, plus a lot more.

“For instance, you can get hints by hitting a function key, rather than by calling an expensive 900 telephone number. Or you can score yourself automatically, based on your speed and accuracy, even using tournament conditions.”

The free puzzles, which have many of the features of LYRIQ’s regular product, can be obtained by calling LYRIQ at (203) 250-2070, by faxing LYRIQ at (203) 250-2072, or by writing to LYRIQ at 1701 Highland Avenue, Cheshire, CT. 06410. The only charge is $5.95 for postage and handling. Callers should specify whether they want high or low density, three-and-half or five-and-a quarter disk for MS Windows, DOS, or Macintosh. The offer is good for the first 10,000 callers or until October 31, 1994.

LYRIQ puzzle programs have been rated the nation’s best puzzle software program by GAMES Magazine and PC Magazine, and were chosen by CROSSW RD Magazine as the exclusive software vehicle for its championship puzzles. LYRIQ’s regular crossword products also feature puzzles from The Washington Post and Penny Press.

LYRIQ recently announced an agreement with the Microsoft Corp. to ship LYRIQ Crosswords in the release of the Microsoft At Work Handheld system, code-named WinPad, and Windows for Pen Computing 2.0, both expected later this year.

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