Overview written in June 2000 about company – RH

Miacomet, Inc. develops, distributes and markets sports simulation peripherals, multimedia software and online entertainment.  The Company’s proprietary technology and patents provide the foundation to develop sports simulation peripherals that are uniquely accurate, realistic and affordable for the home PC and game console environment.  Products such as a pool cue controller, fishing rod & reel controller, golf club, baseball bat controller, and a snow/skate boarding controller will be introduced to create a real-feel (“Real Feel™”) gaming experience for the user. These peripherals look, feel and respond like real sports equipment and will create a much enhanced level of play beyond that currently provided by a keyboard or mouse.

Miacomet was founded in 1996 with the goal of improving the game-playing experience for PC and console players.  The company’s founding developer, Chris Meredith, an avid PC game-player and sportsman, knew that sporting games could be more fun and exciting if the interface tools gave a more true-to-life experience than mice, joysticks, keyboards or game pads provided.  This inspired Chris to develop the technology to put game players in direct contact with the gaming experience.  Miacomet and its Real Feel peripherals are the result of that R&D effort.

The Company recognized a market opportunity in the sport simulation market and has made substantial investments in developing its state-of-the-art technology and design patents over the last three-and-a-half years. The technology is incorporated in the Company’s first round of products: The Real Feel™ Electronic Pool Cue Controller and Real Feel™ Fishing Adventure System.  The first Real Feel™ Fishing location is Nantucket, Massachusetts and is scheduled for release in Q3’00.   The Company’s planned products include Real Feel Golf, Real Feel Baseball,  Real Feel Snowboarding and other Real Feel Sports products.   Each of these products can be brought to market quickly.  Timing of implementation will be determined upon finalizing an agreement with a strategic partner/investor.

The Company has entered into various agreements as listed below:

  • An endorsement contract with Allison Fisher, the Women’s professional Billiards Association (WPBA) 1999 World Champion and Player of the Decade.  Ms. Fisher has agreed to promote the Real Feel™ Pool Cue Controller at two events of the Company’s choosing and has participated in the development of a variety of promotional materials, including an interactive CD presentation.  Ms. Fisher is the most recognized and admired player by both men and women pool players and she says, and believes, that Real Feel Pool is the most accurate billiard simulator she has ever played or seen.
  • A multi-year endorsement agreement with the European PGA.  The PGA of Europe will recognize the Real Feel Golf product as the official Golf Simulator of the Association and will recognize our online golf tournament site as the official On Line web site for competition and as the preferred web site by the association.  The Company has full use of the PGA of Europe logos for product, promotion, and online use.
  • Miacomet, Inc. has a strategic relationship with InterAct Accessories, Inc. for distributing the Real Feel PoolShark controller in the US and Canada.   With Immersion Corporation for use of force feedback technologies.  Also, Miacomet is in active negotiation with several other sports organizations and software publishers pursuing online and endorsement rights.

Headquartered in Springfield, MA, Miacomet, Inc. employs 15 people.